District Churches

The Anderson District is comprised of 74 churches within 50 charges. Stay updated on and feel free to contact each of these wonderful churches.

Church Name City District Phone Email
ANN HOPE Seneca Anderson 864-882-5502
ARIAL Easley Anderson 864-915-9395 arialumc@bellsouth.net
BELLS Abbeville Anderson 864-446-2751 bellsumc@wctel.net
BETHEL/ANDERSON Anderson Anderson
BETHEL/IVA Iva Anderson 864-348-7588
BETHEL/PENDLETON Pendleton Anderson
BETHESDA Easley Anderson 864-269-1139 Website
CALHOUN FALLS Calhoun Falls Anderson 864-447-8601 Website
CENTRAL Central Anderson 864-639-2902 Website www.centralumc29630@netzero.net
CHICOPEE Walhalla Anderson Website cspencer@innova.net
CHIQUOLA Honea Path Anderson 864-251-0369 pastorterrym@bellsouth.net
CLEMSON Clemson Anderson 864-654-5547 Website cumc@clemsonumc.org
DICKSON MEMORIAL Townville Anderson 864-287-4063 Website dicksonumc2@netzero.net
DONALDS Donalds Anderson 864-353-8777
DOUBLE SPRINGS Mountain Rest Anderson
EASLEY CHAPEL Easley Anderson 864-855-0400
EBENEZER/ANDERSON Anderson Anderson 864-296-1538
EMMANUEL Anderson Anderson
FAIRFIELD Piedmont Anderson 864-855-5075
FAIRVIEW Easley Anderson 864-859-2001
FIRST/EASLEY Easley Anderson 864-859-4584 Website kitty@easleyfumc.org
FRIENDSHIP Seneca Anderson 864-882-9696 jhendry3@umcsc.org
GILGAL Abbeville Anderson
GRACE/ABBEVILLE Abbeville Anderson 864-366-4166 Website gmcsecretary@wctel.net
GRACE/PICKENS Pickens Anderson Website
GRACE/WILLIAMSTON Williamston Anderson
HOMELAND PARK Anderson Anderson 864-296-1538
HOPEWELL/WESTMINSTER Wesminster Anderson ehgunsallus@umcsc.org
JOHN WESLEY/ANDERSON Anderson Anderson Website
LATIMER MEMORIAL Belton Anderson 864-338-8315 Website
LAWRENCE CHAPEL Central Anderson 864-653-4461 Website lcumc1912@bellsouth.net
LIBERTY Liberty Anderson 864-843-9359 Website
MAIN ST/ABBEVILLE Abbeville Anderson 864-366-2367 Website abbvmsumc@wctel.net
MARSHALL MEMORIAL Anderson Anderson 864-296-1538
MOORES CHAPEL Pelzer Anderson
MT BETHEL Sunset Anderson 864-992-8288 Website wgc72@yahoo.com
MT PLEASANT Townville Anderson
MT SINAI Anderson Anderson
MT ZION/CENTRAL Central Anderson Website mtzion@nctv.com
NEW GOLDEN GROVE Piedmont Anderson
NEW HARMONY Seneca Anderson 864-882-7356 newharmonyumc@yahoo.com
NEW HOPE/ANDERSON Anderson Anderson 864-224-8915 Website jgmurphy@umcsc.org
PELZER Pelzer Anderson 864-947-9475 Website Pelzermethodist@att.net
PENDLETON Pendleton Anderson 864-646-3355 Website pumc@innova.net
PORTER CHAPEL Pickens Anderson 864-992-8288 Website wgc72@yahoo.com
ROBINSON CHAPEL Liberty Anderson
ROCK SPRINGS Richland Anderson 864-638-8379
RUHAMAH Starr Anderson
SALEM Salem Anderson 864-944-1726 whited02@bellsouth.net
SANDY SPRINGS Sandy Springs Anderson
SHARON/ABBEVILLE Abbeville Anderson 864-446-2812 fjshepard@umcsc.org
SHILOH/DUE WEST Abbeville Anderson
SHILOH/PIEDMONT Piedmont Anderson 864-845-5058 Website Shiloh_UMC@shiloh-methodist.org
SMYRNA/ABBEVILLE Lowndesville Anderson 864-348-7662 fjshepard@umcsc.org
ST ANDREW Easley Anderson 864-859-1567 Website standrewum@bellsouth.net
ST JAMES/BELTON Piedmont Anderson
ST JOHN’S/ANDERSON Anderson Anderson 864-224-6563 Website
ST LUKE / WALHALLA Walhalla Anderson 864-638-3628 Website stlukewalhalla@att.net
ST MARK Seneca Anderson 864-882-2603 Website churchoffice@saintmarkumcseneca.org
ST PAUL Easley Anderson
STARR Starr Anderson
TABOR Easley Anderson 864-915-9395 taborumc@bellsouth.net
TOXAWAY Anderson Anderson 864-224-0424
TRINITY/ANDERSON Anderson Anderson tumc1809@bellsouth.net
TRINITY/HONEA PATH Honea Path Anderson Website office@trinityhoneapath.org
UNION GROVE Belton Anderson 864 226-3550 Website uniongrove@charterinternet.com
WESTMINSTER Westminster Anderson 864-647-5226
ZION/ANDERSON Anderson Anderson 864-287-9098 Website Zion-Anderson@umcsc.org
ZION/EASLEY Easley Anderson
ZION/WALHALLA Walhalla Anderson 864-638-3628