Fall 2017 Lay Leadership Classes

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Sharpening Your Leadership Skills Brochure

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Sharpening Leadership Skills

August Leadership Skills

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Summer Worship 2017

The casual Summer Worship Services are held at historic Providence UMC, located on the shores of Lake Hartwell at 1462 Providence Church Road in Anderson. We will worship each summer Sunday from 9-9:45AM. Check out each week’s worship leaders below:

  • May 28: Mr. Don Louis
  • June 4: Mr. Andy Bullions
  • June 11: Rev. Robert Eubanks
  • June 18: Dr. Bob Stillwell
  • June 25: Rev. Kurt Stutler
  • July 2: Ms. Ann Fuhr
  • July 9: Mr. Steve Compton
  • July 16: Rev. George Donigian
  • July 23: Rev. Herb Franklin
  • July 30: Dr. Sinclair Lewis
  • August 6: Rev. Susan Leonard-Ray
  • August 13: Ms. Carol Burdette
  • August 20: Ms. Kim Board
  • August 27: Dr. Steve Morgan
  • September 3: Mr. Don Louis

Help, Hope, and Home

I remember what Dr. Fred Craddock, gifted preaching professor, said in class one day when he was talking about the opportunity and responsibility of giving voice to the Gospel. He said that which may seem most specific and most personal in one’s own life is often most universal. In essence, that which we hold as personal to us and often guard may actually touch at the core of all people. This is not to make the preaching moment about us, but rather to make the preaching moment real.

This summer as I have given thought again to why I believe the local church is the hope of the world – God’s best plan to shape a world restored and redeemed – I keep coming back to these three things: help, hope and home. I sense that these are the longings that all of us in the human family share. We all are in need of a little help from time to time, a little hope to propel us forward and a place to belong and be in community with others.

It is the church – not the social service agencies or the government or the schools – that have the unique opportunity (and responsibility!) to offer the message of the transforming love of God. While government can pass laws, and schools can educate children and Rotary clubs can advocate community service, and the medical community can offer resources of care, can any one of these – good as they are – transform the human heart? Can any offer a love that conquers sin and overcomes shame and reconciles enemies, and heals wounds and gives peace beyond understanding, and makes joy beyond ones circumstances possible and offers the hope of what might yet be in the hands of God? It is the local church that has the opportunity to offer help within and beyond the walls of the building. It is the local church that sees life through the lens of faith and therefore has a posture of hope towards what can and might be when placed in the hands of Gd. It is the local church that offers a place of belonging and home, a community to walk alongside on the journey of faith.

Help, Hope and Home – these are the resources entrusted to the church! These are the gifts all of us need. My prayer is that we will continue to think about, pray about and engage ways of sharing what we are uniquely gifted and empowered to do!

– Rev. Susan Leonard-Ray, District Superintendent

Mission, Values, and Vision


The United Methodist Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The District Office exists to support and resource clergy and churches so that they are stronger, more vibrant communities of faith that are making disciples of Jesus Christ and, in turn,


A description of our District at its best; the unique personality of our District.

  • Our life together as a district starts with a deep conviction that the most meaningful life there is found connected to God whose love is revealed in Jesus.
  • Our life together demands that we know, share and live the life-giving ways of faith that are contained in scripture. We must be the people of God before we can do the work of the people of God.
  • Our life together thrives on a commitment to excellence in our worship. We realize that if the stories of faith are not communicated with relevance and clarity through song, sermon, sacrament and sight (visual arts), we will diminish our ability to help people encounter the Living God.
  • Our life together calls for risk-taking mission that connects the church to our communities. The doors of our churches open to invite others in and also swing open to send people out because we are compelled to extend the love, hope and welcome of Christ to others.
  • Our life together requires intentionality and integrity, resilience and courage. We strive for leadership that rejects complacency and senses the urgency of the mission in an age of significant change. We value the humility that allows us to see the world as it is and the audacity to imagine that world as God longs for it to be.
  • Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the United Methodist Church of the Anderson District is committed to connecting people to God and to one another so that our churches are places of help, hope, and home.


What we are called to do now, in this particular place, given our mission and values.

  1. We will tool, retool and resource clergy to think about, develop and plan meaningful and authentic worship experiences so that we create opportunities for followers and seekers to encounter the Living God.
  2. We will create and cultivate places of Christian community both within and beyond the church where people can share life together with all its joys, tragedies, loves and longing.
  3. We will coach churches to move beyond the walls of the church to engage with the community around them so that we participate in God’s mission of helping earth look more like heaven.